Documenting Day to Day on Film

We picked up a couple old 35mm film cameras at a thrift store and have been carrying them around with us for the past few weeks. 

We did this mostly because it seemed like a fun new way to start shooting. We love the look of film...I mean, it inspired the look of the photography we love today and the aesthetic we aspire to as Kindling. It has been a great learning tool for us as creatives. You can't review the shot you just took on the back of the camera. Film forces you to take your time and really process what you're shooting while keeping you in the moment. 

I would never have guessed I would become so obsessed with shooting film, but as time has passed my appreciation for it has grown immensely. It's a beautiful medium that is going extinct and it's really sad. 

There is a small resurgence in film though. A lot more folks are picking up those old point & shoots from thrift stores and out of parents attics. It cost a bit more money to shoot but I've found each exposure has so much more value to me. Hit up a few thrifts stores, pick up a roll of film from Walgreens and give it a shot.